Dear Friends and Colleagues, Remarkable Women around the world,


Happy New Year


I hope that this next year will bring you reward, inspiration, safe passage through all your endeavours and love.


I hope that this next year we as nations and as citizens acknowledge more profoundly and courageously that we must make change if this planet and we as inhabitants are to live sustainably. 


I hope that leaders in our countries are guided wisely and that greed and fear of sharing the earth's  resources might be challenged as weak goverance.


I hope that women whose voices and actions are silenced and controlled by laws enforced by men find sisterhood  those who have won freedoms. 


I hope all our children dream of achieving the seemingly impossible and that their minds and bodies are nurtured well.



Blessings and love to one and all and I hope your meetings with remarable women will be abundant in 2012.





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