Ms. Ya-Ling Peng founded UHAN SHII, which means happy, delight, and cheer in Chinese , in March 1995 . UHAN SHII is a performance group especially for actors older than 60. The theater productions such as “Echoes of Taiwan” series, are based on the oral histories of its aging members.Elders relate emotional life experiences to younger generations to help them better understand Taiwan’s tumultuous recent history,which they are not old enough to remember. UHAN SHII’s audience is usually a mixture of 60% young students, 20% adults, and 20% elders.

“Echoes of Taiwan” offers a long awaited affirmation of indigenous Taiwanese lifestyle.Ms.Peng conceived the project in 1991 and began traveling from city to city and village to village to visit elders all over Taiwan and listen to their life stories. In 1995, six elders joined the group and went to Taipei where they rehearsed three days a week. So far, Uhan Shii Theatre have three groups, one is Taiwanese group, one is Chinese from Mainland after World War Ⅱ, the third one is Hakkanese group. They all came from different parts of Taiwan. The qualification to join this group is either more than 65 or younger than 10. The eldest one is 91, and the youngest one was 20 months when she first came.

Ya-Ling Peng started her theatre career in 1981 when she founded the Square-Round Theatre, and wrote, directed, and acted in its stage productions. Between 1988 and 1991, Ms. Peng studied acting in London with Animate Theatre and London school of Mine and Movement. She also joined professional theatre company, Tragic Carpet, and toured the United Kingdom.

In 1993, she founded first elder’s Theatre Group, Modern Form Theatre Group, in Tainan, Taiwan (South part of Taiwan). In 1995, she founded Uhan Shii Theater Group in Taipei. Ms. Peng also helped Kaohsiung, Hsinchuang, and Hsinchu Cities to start their own community theatres and directed their inaugural productions.


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